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About Me

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My Background

Born in 1981, Paul started drawing just after he finished crawling and has been creating works of art ever since his passion led Paul to further his understanding and he studied Art & Design for over 2 years in Cleveland.  Along with his passion for creating Art, Paul has always adored cars, everything about these machines he has focused his life around, including Motorsport.  Then, in 2005, Paul discovered the world of Remote Controlled Racing, and quickly fell in love with 8th scale RallyCross at his local track, he continued to race right through to 2010 driving his fiancee crazy with his obsession of these scaled machines.  Then, out of the blue, the local club closed, unable to push the funds to cope with travelling to other clubs around the UK, he had to hang up his wheel.  Always keeping his mind set on reigniting that .21 cc power plant, he realised that he could bring his TWO passions in life together, sparking worldwide captivation to the RC industry, creating fans and clients overnight, 'it's my dream come true'.  In following Paul and his work, you will quickly learn how much passion, heart and soul he ignites into his illustrations, and this is perfected by his vast knowledge and understanding in the digital world of art and design.

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My Medium

Starting off in life as a traditional artist, Paul eventually discovered digital creative software, amazed by the possibilities in using this technology, Paul quickly transitioned to this digital form, the software in question, was called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and he stills uses it to this very day.  With its unique interface, Paul has been able to create illustrations that he had never thought possible, 'it's so intuitive'.  Almost 98% of his work is illustrated in Sketchbook Pro, with the occasional visit to Abobe Photoshop for colour calibration and to allow a larger variety of file extensions for printing of the Artworks.  'I just feel Photoshop takes me away from my illustrations', that been said, Paul has always been inspired by artists from around the world who use Photoshop.  Finally, we arrive at Adobe Illustrator, this vector-based software, has allowed Paul to create illustrations that open up HUGE possibilities that raster software cannot venture to, Logo Design, Custom skins, Decals and to the potential of printing on a MASSIVE scale, without losing clarity and quality, although Paul is relatively new to the knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, he is learning at an incredible pace and you will see this in his illustrations, as he applies his spectacular talents and skills going forward in his career.  Now, with all this knowledge, skill and talent that Paul possesses, none of this would have been possible, without one key factor, Wacom! along with millions around the world, Paul considers that Wacom's tablet screen technology is the best, 'the hardware is an investment as well a daily tool for the professional creator, we have just upgraded to Wacom's flagship drawing tablet, the Cintiq 24 Pro and it is outstanding!'  This monster screen has allowed Paul to increase his workflow dramatically and with 4K resolution, his work just keeps raising the bar.

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My Future

Being discovered worldwide almost 3 years ago, it was a dream that finally came true for Paul, he is still blown away to this very day, for all the love, kindness and support he has received from fans, clients and the industry itself.  Of course, it goes without saying, that Paul's immediate family and friends have shown tremendous amounts of love and encouragement, and he is highly grateful.  'it has been a very challenging journey, and with all your growing support, I have never been so motivated to achieve new and exciting goals for Ikesink'.  With TKR Graphics providing outstanding services and support, Paul has HUGE plans and ideas that will help grow his products and services, this means that Paul can continue to provide custom, bespoke illustrations that will continue to captivate you all along the way.  

'I would just like to thank you all once again for your continued love and support, and would encourage you to subscribe below to my new website so you can keep up to date with new products and services as we develop & evolve them'

Best regards, Paul


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